COMODO Internet Security Premium 5.5.195786.1383 Freeware 34,7mb

       Award-winning Comodo Firewall and Antivirus protection for PCs

Complete protection against viruses and Internet attacks for Windows computers. Comodo Internet Security was developed to be a free, multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information in.
Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, Internet Security offers 360° protection by combining powerful Antivirus protection, an enterprise class packet filtering firewall, and an advanced host intrusion prevention system called Defense+.
Unlike the stripped down versions of commercial software that other software vendors offer for free, this is the full, completely functional version of the product.

Here are some key features of "COMODO Internet Security Premium":

Default Deny Protection(DDP):
· Only known and listed PC-safe files and applications are able to access your PC.

Prevention-based protection:
· Firewall and Antivirus combine to stop viruses and malware before they enter the PC.

Sandbox technology:
· The sandbox is a virtual operating environment for untrusted programs – ensuring viruses and other malicious software are completely isolated from the rest of your computer.

Personalized protection alerts:
· Firewall quickly learns the rules you set for downloading software, and adjusts its alerts accordingly to fit your needs.

Real-time access to updated virus definitions:
· Automatic updates mean greatest possible protection possible against zero-day threats.

One-click virus scanning:
· Make sure your PC is clean with one simple button click.

Uncluttered, user-friendly interface:
· Quickly navigate through the various parts of Firewall protection without getting lost.

Thorough security "wizards":
· Preset security settings for simple point-and-click setup.

Unique "slider" to easily change your current security level:
· Easily switch between presets to reflect your security preference at any given time.

Exclusive access to Comodo's "safe-list":
· List of over two million known PC-friendly files and applications so safe files and apps are allowed to run.


· 128 MB RAM
· 210 MB hard disk space

What's New in This Release:

· IMPROVED! WEB installer now supports more reliable installation experience e.g. support for resuming broken downloads
· IMPROVED! Program updater now uses a new updating mechanism which reduces the update size significantly
· IMPROVED! Minor GUI fixes and corrections
· FIXED! Various incompatibilities between BO defense and various applications(e.g. games, windows applications etc.)
· FIXED! License manager does not work properly when system time is modified
· FIXED! Various crashes related to the antivirus engine

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