Tune Up Utilities 2012

Tune up Utilities kini hadir dengan versi baru, yang saya rasa jauh lebih ringan di komputer daripada versi sebelumnya. Dengan sedikit tampilan baru dan beberapa fitur fitur tambahan seperti economy mode untuk menghemat pemakaian baterai dan fungsi overview of all functions untuk melihat tampilan menu secara keseluruhan.
Sebagaimana kita ketahui, aplikasi ini sangat membantu dalam berbagai hal, banyak fitur fitur didalamnya yang berguna untuk menstabilkan kinerja komputer sehingga komputer berjalan lebih ringan dan jarang terkena hang/crash system. Berikut saya sudah sertakan serial numbernya juga agar menjadi freeware, namun jangan diupdate secara online nanti akan terblokir.

Download here !!!            Download serial number Tune Up Utilities 2012       

Get the brand-new TuneUp Utilities™ 2012!

The Most Powerful TuneUp Utilities of All Time!

  • Boosts PC speed by up to 50%, all thanks to Program Deactivator 2012
  • Extends battery life with an all-new TuneUp Economy Mode
  • Saves power by up to 30% and upgrades PCs with an enhanced power management
  • over 30 tools in 1: more speed, better stability, less problems

TuneUp Economy Mode

Longer battery life and improved power efficiency

  • Improves battery life on laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs
  • Reduces power consumption  
  • Increases your computer’s lifespan

Battery Life and Power Consumption

Does your laptop battery keep dying far too quickly? Does your desktop use up way too much power?
TuneUp Utilities™ 2012 puts an end to these problems with the all-new TuneUp Economy Mode which prolongs the battery life on your laptop, netbook, and tablet PC. It’s like upgrading your Windows® for a fraction of the cost.
The results speak for themselves! TuneUp Economy Mode guarantees significantly improved battery life and power consumption. So what’s behind the magic?
  • Reduced processor power consumption: TuneUp Economy Mode reduces your processors’ performance and optimizes their power consumption for maximum battery life and sufficient power for basic, everyday use.
  • Great power savings for your devices: TuneUp Economy Mode reduces the  power consumption of many built-in and connected devices.
  • Turn off energy-sapping programs:  TuneUp Economy Mode switches off unnecessary background processes that slow PC performance down.
TuneUp Economy Mode increases your PC’s mobility and saves you money by drastically reducing its energy consumption.

TuneUp Program Deactivator

The world’s first fully automatic PC Energizer

  • Optimizes PC and Windows® performance
  • Reduces slowdowns caused by unnecessary programs
  • Fully automatic [NEW!]

Deactivate Programs Automatically

Studies show that 50% of all users have approximately 66 programs installed on their PCs, even though they only use a fraction of them regularly. What many don’t know, however, is that programs continue to run in the background whether they are used or not, slowing your computer down considerably for no good reason.
The new Full Automatic Mode in TuneUp Program Deactivator™ eliminates these unnecessary slowdowns and makes sure your PC always operates at its peak performance. But relevant programs such as antivirus software or drivers will not be deactivated.
  • Start-Stop Mode automatically turns off selected programs when you don't need them, speeding up your surfing, working, and gaming [NEW!]
  • Optimized PC / Windows® performance
  • Faster boot speeds, applications and gaming
It’s the only way to get your PC running like it did the day you bought it.

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